I believe that every one that gives birth can become a Good Birther. It’s not to do with what happens, intervention or not, surgery or not, but it’s about your ownership of the experience and the way you integrate it into yourself.

What is Good? Good is that which causes growth, it’s encouragement for movement, for learning. It’s often put opposite ‘bad’, but that is incorrect. A lack of Good is nothing, neutral. The choice to give yourself Goodness is the choice to invite growth.

So a Good Birther? A person who invites their labour to bring them growth. Events might happen that you don’t like, you may experience pain, difficult memories, resistance in your body and mind, you may find those around you can’t give you what you want. You can meet these experiences with Goodness, inviting growth.

It can seem a lot to ask of one’s self. You will need support. You will learn what you need to inspire yourself along the way, what you need to rest yourself along the way. You will need guidance, stories from people who went before you. You will need time and effort. You will find everything that you need.

Where do you find your Goodness?