Lillith Turk

Stretching Body and Mind

Lillith has taught generations of men and women how to take care of their own bodies. Under her guidance students learn how stretching changes the way they move and think. Those who face pain learn to understand how to work with it and how to move more freely.

Dancers, managers, parents, writers, those who had always had a stiff back, people who have recovered from injury, yoga teachers – all join in at the weekly classes and become part of an alumni community that stretches across continents. Applying her knowledge to the critical moments at the beginning of life, Lillith has helped 20.000 mothers, fathers, birth partners and babies prepare for birthing.

Living the Life of a Learner

Lillith’s education spans business, art, nursing, movement and yoga. She has studied Western and traditional medicine in Austria, the UK, India and the Netherlands. In her ongoing professional education, she has focused on the development of movement in humans. This led to her interest in embodimenta new medical approach to body work that uses what we now know about the importance of early childhood reflexes, read more on her blog. As a therapist, Lillith has developed various specialisms. She is one of a handful of practitioners in the Netherlands who is trained in chirophonetics and she is the only expert in Bothmer Movement.

“In the seventies I was eager to learn what was practiced in India, but I was not willing to bow down to a guru. This got me thrown out of several ashrams!”

Part of the Awakening of the West

Lillith’s practice has grown alongside the wider Western culture’s interest in developmental movement. She is part of the history of yoga and movement therapy in the Netherlands, as a practitioner, teacher and innovator.

Lillith established the Active Health Center as her base in 2000. Besides her own practice, she’s hosted learning events for related professions and in 2018, established a school for teachers. As a master in her own profession, she now takes up the work of creating a knowledge legacy by training, coaching and mentoring the next generation of educators.

I took a course in Baby Embodiment with the founders of the practice, Ingrid Ruhrmann and Beate Döpke. I realised that it was the missing link in my work. I’ve incorporated my learning into the work I do with both the mother and baby recovery classes and my therapy clients, but what is Embodiment?