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Post-Natal: More Than You Were Before

We are encouraged to put our post-natal bodies under pressure to be ‘normal’ again. The culture we live in has certain ideas about what is normal and what is good. Just as pregnancy and the birth cannot be hastened but lived and experienced, it is once more time to discover what is good for you, […]

Embodiment: Learn to Use Your Body Bravely

I took a course in Baby Embodiment with the founders of the practice, Ingrid Ruhrmann and Beate Döpke. I realised that it was the missing link in my work. I’ve incorporated my learning into the work I do with both the mother and baby recovery classes and my therapy clients, but what is Embodiment?

What is a Good Birther?

I believe that every one that gives birth can become a Good Birther. It’s not to do with what happens, intervention or not, surgery or not, but it’s about your ownership of the experience and the way you integrate it into yourself.

Stretch: The Counter Yoga

The tradition of yoga was developed for a very different time and a very different daily life in the body. It cannot give us what we need. We are deeply materialised and hungry for spirit, we need to practice movement which develops transparency and meaning.