Mother & Baby After Birth

My weekly online lessons, studio classes and regular workshops support women and babies though the post-natal period. After one of the most transformative times of your life, you need time to recover and your new baby needs time to adjust to their new world. As you grow into a new routine and rhythm together, you will need time to restore your sense of balance. My online lessons, studio classes and workshops are based on years of experience helping adults regain healthy movement after pregnancy, injury and other life events. It has made me an expert in the development of movement from birth upwards. Read more .

Mother & Baby

Restoring your Post-Natal Body

The body you have after pregnancy is essentially very different. It knows its own strengths and weaknesses well. It’s been stretched and made more flexible by hormones. Becoming stronger in a flexible body will give you a new freedom of movement and a different relationship with your self, like coming home.

My programme of stretching and strengthening help post-natal changes in the body take place normally and efficiently. Enlivened and eager we can think that a desire to return to normal life indicates that the body is recovered. But the natural process of recovery mirrors the baby’s journey from being in your arms, to taking his or her first steps. The pace of recovery is different for every body, it depends on how you were able to take care of yourself from pre-pregnancy through to after delivery. It also depends on circumstances beyond your control, a pregnancy where you were very sick, a birth that left you injured or a baby that had colic.

“I grew to become a fit, capable, courageous mother, my son thrives.” Natasha