Training for Birthers & Birthing Partners

You can learn how to be active, to be present and to be courageous in facing what comes. Our training will help you and your Birthing Partner prepare for a natural birth. Join our weekly classes and make time to awaken your own instincts and discover the innate reflexes your body uses during labour. Together with your Partner join our Saturday workshop and make time to develop the connection and understanding you will need during labour.

One of Amsterdam’s most senior childbirth educators, Lillith has supported 20.000 mothers, fathers and babies as they’ve prepared for birth. Read her full bio here.

“Fear of giving birth is overcome through getting to know your self through the feelings. With this understanding, the fear goes away.”  Lillith

“I felt my body would be capable of what it needed to do…and that turned out to be true.” Bronte

Becoming a Birther

Calm You will learn techniques for relaxing yourself. Labour is a time when you face the unknown. There are moments of excitement and moments of fear. Training will help you know what to do to return yourself to a steady place.

Hormone savvy The body provides hormones to aid you during contractions, it has its own system of pain relief. Understanding this and how to use it can help you feel more confident and will help you plan your own approach to the birth.

In motion During pregnancy movement will help keep you in comfort and in good health. In weekly classes you will strengthen and stretch your body to prepare it for the work of labour. During labour itself movement will provide relief, enable you to let go and ultimately, it will deliver your child.

Knowing We educate ourselves and take care of our bodies, but there is still much we cannot predict or know before the event. This training gives you time, space and guidance as you face your self, your own fears, ideas and wants. This attention will prepare you for making the heroic journey through labour to become a Birther: a woman who in her own power, actively delivers her child.

“I was just in the moment doing what needed to be done… I felt confident going into it and not scared.”  Bronte

Individual Attention

Lillith’s weekly classes are kept small to ensure everyone gets attended to and to make space for questions. She also offers individual sessions focused on just you, or you and your Birthing Partner. Besides the full birthing training, Lillith has specialist knowledge to help you with the following.

  • Treatment for pelvic pains and instability. Up to 1 in 5 women experience these issues, stretching and posture corrections are very effective ways to overcome the pain and avoid ongoing problems.
  • Moving a breech baby into position. There are actions you can take to encourage and enable the baby to move into position and in the final case baby may respond to massage and movement techniques that safely help her/him turn.
  • Encouraging labour when overdue or after waters have broken (no contractions). There are actions you can take to support your body in making the last steps towards labour. Lillith offers guidance and physical therapy at this time.